Certified Trade Executive (CTE)


The Certified Trade Executive (CTE) exam is an open book test. After you complete the CTE registration, and process the non-refundable USD registration fee, you will have complete access to all resource materials needed for the CTE exam. The resource materials are a combination of IRTA’s Advisory Memos, NewFlashes, Ethics Code of Conduct, Legal Decisions and other pertinent materials that IRTA has released over the last forty years.

International barter industry participants are welcome to pursue the CTE designation. The exam does include various U.S. based legislation, legal barter-related decisions and IRS positions. Because the universal principles articulated in the U.S. decisions are essential for a thorough understanding of the barter industry, IRTA has retained the U.S. rulings in the exam.

If you have further questions, please contact IRTA’s President & CEO, Ron Whitney at ron@irta.com or 757-393-2292.