How much time do I have to take the test?

You have two hours to complete the CTE exam. Your exam answers will automatically be submitted after the two hour limit is up.

How long does it take until I am notified of my exam results?

IRTA will promptly grade your exam. IRTA will also determine if you've met the ethical and professional requirements for the CTE designation. You will be notified of the results within the three days of the completion of your exam.

What if I don't pass, am I allowed to take it again?

Unsuccessful CTE candidates may take the exam a second or third time, for a reduced registration fee of $99 USD. If a candidate is unsuccessful after three attempts, the individual must wait one year to re-register, at the initial registration fee rate of $199 USD. All CTE registration fees are non-refundable.

Will I receive a certificate if I pass?

Yes, IRTA will email you a personalized CTE certificate with IRTA's gold corporate seal. The certificate verifies you are a Certified Trade Executive. You may then put the "CTE" designation after your name.

How long does my CTE designation last? Do I have to do anything to keep it current?

IRTA will be creating CTE designation follow-up quizzes every two years, or as needed, based on new industry developments. Failure to participate in such biennial quizzes will result in the suspension of your CTE designation. The CTE program strives to be current with changes in the industry. Therefore, the CTE exam will be periodically updated to include the latest new pertinent industry developments, as they arise.