Preamble: Passage of the CTE exam verifies an individual's expertise on a wide range of historical and current industry topics. CTE accreditation further requires adherence by each individual to high ethical and professional standards of conduct. Competency and integrity go hand-in-hand in the development and management of successful barter businesses that provide quality service and value to their members, and the public at large. IRTA, as the administrator of the CTE certification program, requires both satisfactory technical competence and suitable ethical character for the CTE designation. CTE candidates will be evaluated on a continuous basis, both prior to and following taking of the CTE exam, for their adherence to ethical values, including but not limited to those enumerated in the IRTA Code of Ethics & Conduct. CTE recognition may be declined even after the successful completion of the exam, or withdrawn at any time thereafter by IRTA, if IRTA determines in its sole discretion, that unethical conduct has been engaged in by any individual.

Barter Exchange Owners

Individuals that have an equity ownership interest in a trade exchange, corporate trade company, complementary currency organization or counter-trade company. Individuals do not need to be a majority equity owner, minority equity ownership is acceptable. Employees of a non-trade exchange company that has a barter division and owners of trade exchanges that are new to the industry are also eligible to pursue the CTE designation.

Barter Industry Manager

Individuals that have a broker or sales manager position in a trade exchange, corporate trade company, complementary currency organization or counter trade company. The individual must have three years experience in such broker or sales manager position.

Certified Trade Brokers

Individuals that have successfully completed the CTB designation. Such CTB recipients must have three years experience from the date they received their CTB.